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Dear Quests!

Agency on Public Procurement of Goods, Works and Services under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan welcomes you to the website of public procurement, and hopes that the provided information contained therein will meet your expectations.

The current system of public procurement has begun the count from 2004 with the adoption of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On Public Procurement of Goods, Works and Services" based on a standard model of the Law on Public Procurement of UNCITRAL. There were developed and adopted regulatory legal acts directly specifying and regulating the general principles and process of public procurement. In the relevant section of the site you can find the Law and the above-mentioned regulatory legal acts.

Being an authorized agency for implementing the state policy in the area of procurement, the Agency in parallel is empowered the organization and conduct of joint procurement with organizations that do not have the status of "Qualified procuring entity" in the procurement of the amount above the minimum threshold. In order to achieve one of the main goals of the Law, namely, increasing participation and promoting competition among suppliers (contractors) in public procurement, the website posts the announcement of the upcoming auction, more details on which will be presented at the request of the interested parties.

Закупающая организация Предмет закупки Победитель торгов Сумма контракта Дата проведения торгов
Центр здоровья №2 района Сино Мебель и ортехника ООО «Чозиба» 26 229 20.06.2011
Государственное учреждение по использованию дорог района Сино смазочный материал ООО «Комрон» 41 880 20.07.2011
ПТУ №45 г.Вахдат Строй.материалы и запчасти ООО«Соро-2010» 18 878 20.06.2011
Отдел образования района Сино Хлеб ИП «Назаров Зубайдулло» 58 500 20.06.2011
Республиканская клиническая больница туберкулёзных заболеваний Продукты питания ООО «Хабиб-2004» 66 640 20.06.2011
Городская кленическая больница инфекционных заболеваний Медицинское оборудование ООО «Диагностика» 36 548,6 17.07.2011
Средняя школа №85 р.Сино Мебель, компьютеры ИП Зиёев Абдулхаким 27800 28.06.2011